About Us

About The Healing Touch Lounge

We at The Healing Touch Lounge are here to help people gain better physical,
emotional and spiritual health using a variety of holistic healing modalities in a private and serene environment where clients feel safe and supported.

About Andrea

Andrea’s purpose is to help people find health, happiness, and community while living gently on the Earth. Her personal mission is to use holistic health modalities toassist individuals in relaxing, recovering, healing, and preventing physical and emotional conditions. Her Lounge is a place to come for inspiration, restoration, and new ideas. Andrea Liles has been a massage therapist for four years. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner, a certified Reiki Master, and has studied other healing modalities. Before entering the holistic health field, Andrea owned a business called Dream Angel, Inc.a film production company. For over ten years she branded herself as an internet and magazine model, traveled as a dancer, and did some acting in Hollywood.