Beyond the Physical

Andrea draws on her many talents to touch every realm of your being—emotional, physical, and spiritual. Her unique, holistic practice is a multidimensional approach in which she uses the delightful tools of her trade to stimulate all your senses and transform your state of mind. During your visit you will luxuriate in Andrea’s world—a world of sensuality, beauty, and peace. Her hands, her voice, her words, and her music will take you away from your daily grind and deliver you to a dream-like trance in which all your needs are fulfilled.

You will feel loved, cherished, and immediately- addicted to an unforgettable earthly pleasure given by a beautiful goddess. Imagine: 60 to 90 minutes completely devoted to your happiness. You will leave knowing how special you are and wondering when you can return. Andrea is part Native American Indian and was brought up around the philosophies and with the belief that she would become a natural healer. The decade of her rebellious, youthful 20’s could be construed as a digression from this path, but, in fact, she gained tremendous insights into human needs and dynamics. Her warmth, spirituality, choice of work, and ability to wisely see the big picture are proof that Andrea is getting back to her roots. You’ll hear the eagles soaring and the sages speaking in the wisdom she imparts.

Healing Modalities

Andrea has her certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner. This 1,000 hour program goes far beyond training massage therapists. Surrender to Angel’s greatest talents: her great hands, sensitivity, warmth, intuition, and knowledge of many therapeutic techniques. Angel uses these tools to work her magic

Amethyst Healing (Bio Mat):

This mat transmits heat and the wavelengths of Amethyst and other crystals to help relieve arthritis pain, aching muscles, improve circulation, boost immune function, and relieve stress.

Amethyst Healing (Bio Mat):

This mat transmits heat and the wavelengths of Amethyst and other crystals to help relieve arthritis pain, aching muscles, improve circulation, boost immune function, and relieve stress.

Organic Cotten linens:

I provide ultra-soft sheets and a memory foam face-cradle for comfort and a face free of lines.

Swedish / Therapeutic Massage:

Choosen for pure relaxation.


(Tui Na Deep Tissue) This is a very deep modality designed to dredge energy meridians and remove any blockages that you may be holding on to.

Tui Na/ Shiatsu/ Acupressure:

All of these are hands- on body treatments that use Chinese Taoist and martial arts principles to bring into balance the eight principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Music Energy Technique:

This is a wonderful combination of breathing, stretching, and flexing that is inspired by Applied Kinesiology.


Andrea is a certified Reiki Master. Reiki is an oriental medical and spiritual practice thought to transfer universal energy through the palms to enhance natural healing and a feeling of calm. One could think of the universal energy as unconditional love and acceptance, which Angel conveys and uses to heal. You’ll feel it!

Thai Massage:

This technique involves deep stretching and massage, with the therapist using hands and feet. No oils are used. Instead, a rhythmical pressing and stretching is done along the body’s energy meridians.

Light Touch or Comfort Touch:

Also known as Swedish, this type of massage is an art in itself. The goal is relaxation and sensory stimulation without high pressure or discomfort. This technique is great for trauma survivors.

Healing Music:

Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.” (William Congreve) Angel’s collection of soothing music will calm you and enhance your well- being.

Organic Creams and Oils

Andrea uses only the finest products from Sacred Earth Botanicals, a high- quality line of the freshest oils and creams with fragrances that enhance her clients’ blissful experience.

Aroma therapy

The sense of smell is a powerful driver of emotions and healing. Aroma therapy uses essential oils to alter the mind, body, and spirit. By doing so, the body becomes relaxed, the mind becomes peaceful, and the immune system is enhanced, naturally.

Warm Showers

Every spa has a place where you can rinse away the oils and stresses of the day. Feeling fresh and clean is a delicious and important part of the Cassidy experience

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